"I have met many great doctors and experts on health. David Tan is one of those masters."

——Robert Kiyosaki

Master David Tan


Secretary General of Malaysian Postnatal Rehabilitation Society
Treasurer of Malaysian Health Living Society
Life Member of Acupuncture and Osteopathy Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia
Member of Federation of Chinese Physicians & Acupuncturist of Malaysia (FCPAAM)
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM)

"If your posture is right, you have no worries."

        From a coffee salesman, an electronics engineer, to a traditional Chinese medicine physician. Today, Master David Tan is a highly reputable traditional Chinese medicine physician to many international entrepreneurs and speakers, including Asian beauty pageants and the general public.

In 1997, his father diagnosed cerebral vascular burst (internal stroke). In the course of seeking medical treatment, he encountered many frauds and therefore faced huge medical expenses, which resulted in borrowing money to pay for his father's illness.

In order to provide people with the best therapies, he further pursued his knowledge and skill of treatments in Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China to learn with the top 100 famous physicians and hundred others of nationally proclaimed senior Chinese medicine physicians. He provides his expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment and daily health tips to people who came to see him; the high value, quantum leap in results and long-lasting effects received acknowledgements from his patients and their family members.

For several years, Master David Tan has provided acupuncture treatments, as well as health enhancement methods for many people. His clients range from the general public to international celebrities and entrepreneurs including the famous educational speaker and author of the world's best-selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki. He helped Robert to maintain his health condition, and to keep him in his best health condition before going on stage. Robert Kiyosaki personally wrote a letter of recommendation to strongly praise Master David as one of the best physicians he has ever met. Master David ’s “Free-handed technique” is also favored by many Asian beauty pageants, allowing them to maintain their best posture and to look the best on stage.

If you are looking for an effective and quick solution to your body's pain and discomfort, if you are female, expectant and postpartum mothers looking to restore and maintain a petite face and a graceful figure, you will not want to miss Master David’s mastery.

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